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July 2016

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Last month was so inspiring with Global Wellness Day and the numerous wellness initiatives occurring in Florida, as well as all around the world. As we continue to embrace that energy, I look around at our magnificent spa community and realize how grateful I am to be part of this amazing industry. I see the love, acceptance, and diversity that it possesses. But I also see the challenges that we face; the ups and downs, the pressures, the competition, and the confrontations that we encounter.

So what do we do when life bites us in the butt?
How do we handle our emotions so that we can balance and react to situations for a positive outcome? And how do we find forgiveness when we feel we have been wronged?

A wise man once told me that whenever something negative or hurtful happens, there are three stages that take place inside of us, and we need to travel through these steps for a more productive outcome. I found this to be very interesting and so true!!

Step One - Our initial reaction is that is hits us in the butt. We get angry, we want to lash out, we shoot from the hip, and sometimes we end up saying or doing something irrational that we soon regret. And the problem is, once it's said or done, we can't take it back.

Step Two - Now it moves up to our heart, and we get emotional. Once the anger subsides, then comes the hurt. We feel the pain of what has occurred or what we have experienced. This is a stage of reaching and accepting to deal emotionally with the issue.

Step Three - And now it moves up to our brain. This is the stage where we can rationally think about solutions to handle the situation, whatever it may be. It also allows for forgiveness.

When dealing with a difficult situation, one should learn to step back and experience the three steps before making a decision on how to handle the situation.

I try to make every effort to live by these three steps so that I can empower myself to make sound appropriate decisions. I thank the wise man that gave me this bit of knowledge that makes so much sense to me.

Thank you,
Ilana Moses, Founder and CEO of FSA


Hearts to Orlando
We are devastated and heartbroken at the terrorism that took place in Orlando. We send our prayers to the families that lost their loved ones and our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured survivors. Pray for Orlando!


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This month...
  • Happy tears for Terry as she goes from East to West!


Global Wellness Day 2016 - Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Florida Spa Association collaborated with The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne, and The MIAMI Institute to sponsor an exciting wellness event! We kicked off Global Wellness Day with registration, prizes, and a welcome gift for the first 50 guests. The guests gathered at the resort's majestic Grand Lawn for a quick introduction to the day's programming. Timothy Williams, Spa Director for the Ritz-Carlton Spa, announced the activities and agenda in celebration of Global Wellness Day. He then introduced Ilana Moses, Founder and CEO for the FSA and Ambassador for Global Wellness Day. Ilana briefly articulated the story of how this movement started and the importance of healthy living. Dr. Adonis from The MIAMI Institute was then introduced and shared his expertise regarding the anti-aging process. After a short presentation, the morning continued with an hour-long Cardio Beach Hike to the historic Cape Florida Lighthouse with the resort's fitness experts. Guests completed their day with additional fitness workshops, spa samplings, and goody bag giveaways from the spa.

Global Wellness Day was celebrated by many spas in Florida, throughout the USA, and all around the world. "One Day Can Change Your Whole Life" was chanted worldwide, bringing the 7 steps of Global Wellness into the lives of many.


The 7 Steps Manifesto:

  • Walk for an hour
  • Drink more water
  • Do not use plastic bottles
  • Eat Organic foods
  • Do a good deed
  • Have a family dinner
  • Sleep at 10:00pm

A bit about Catherine Warren...


Spa & Leisure Director
Eau Spa - Palm Beach

Catherine Warren is the Spa and Leisure Director for Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. A veteran in the spa community, Catherine is responsible for the resort's 42,000-square-foot spa, 2,500-square-foot club for children and teens, and the resort's exclusive La Coquille tennis courts. Known for her creativity throughout the spa and resort, Catherine's influence can be seen in several nationally covered events hosted by Eau Spa, such as The Palm Beach Film Festival's "Old Hollywood" Event, Eau Spa Mad Hatter's Party, yEAUga Weekend, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Gala Kick-Off, and the Worth Avenue Yachts' "Yacht Hop." Most notably, under her direction this year, Eau Spa received a coveted Forbes Five-Star rating, one of only 48 spas in the world to receive this prestigious honor.

Catherine continues to set the bar in the highly competitive spa and hospitality industry. The saying goes that you should ask a busy person's help if you want to have a job done in the best way. If this old adage is true, it's easy to see why Catherine excels in all aspects of her life, especially at her role as Spa and Leisure Director for Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. Catherine is busy, but genuine. You feel as if you are the most important living soul in the world when you are speaking with her - whether a guest in her spa, a fellow colleague or charity committee member, or even one of her rescued animals.

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Eminence Organic Skincare

Since its inception in 1958, Eminence Organic Skincare has been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic, and Biodynamic products.

They believe in providing the best skincare products possible. Their products are free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

They use hand-picked and hand-mixed fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties. Many of these ingredients are combined with pure waters drawn from a thermal hot spring lake containing minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth.

These products are handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients. Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps, and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce.

They constantly look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using wind energy, geothermal heating, and solar power energy in the making of their products.


This vendor spotlight is for vendors that support the FSA.

The Suite Experience at Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Offers a Pampered and Tranquil Retreat

The triple Five-Star Mandarin Oriental, Miami, announces the new Suite Experience package combining a luxury stay in a stunning waterfront suite with a personalized wellness program. Guests will enjoy daily treatments at the hotel's award-winning spa and a host of exciting benefits from in-suite fitness equipment and dedicated fitness TV channels, to sweet treats and champagne.

The Suite Experience is ideal for guests looking to enjoy pampering and tranquility in a spacious suite with a wraparound balcony, marble bathroom, and bamboo hardwood floors. As part of the experience, guests will receive a USD 200 nightly spa credit to enjoy a massage, facial, or half-day spa program. A spa concierge will contact guests prior to arrival to recommend treatments with a personalized approach. After their treatments, guests can enjoy quality time savoring a glass of champagne and chocolate truffles.

The Suite Experience includes:

  • Luxurious accommodations in a waterfront suite
  • USD 200 nightly spa credit
  • One-way complimentary airport transfer
  • Glass of champagne and truffles to enjoy at The Spa
  • Yoga mats and handheld weights available in-suite upon request
  • A selection of fitness channels for an in-suite workout
  • Welcome spa gift


"Senior Moments"


By Debra K, Television Host of Journey into Wellbeing, Author, Entrepreneur, and Natural Health Explorer Co-Chair, FSA Education Committee

Natural health explorer Debra K treks to Rancho La Puerta to interview Deborah Szekely, the godmother of the spa industry, for national television.

"Senior Moments" to premiere in November on PBS stations nationwide. Catch a glimps into to this amazing interview!

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A special thank you to Maureen Rene Vipperman, Regional Director of Spa Operations and Development at Ocean Properties for contributing this month's article.

Simply Irresistible

Have you ever thought about being irresistible? After reading Travis's article, you may find that it's easier and more beneficial than you think. Share a great message from author, Dr. Travis Bradberry.

Some people, regardless of what they lack-money, looks, or social connections-always radiate with energy and confidence. Even the most skeptical individuals find themselves enamored with these charming personalities.

Read more to become irresistible!



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This month's question is:

"How do we get customers into our spas on a sunny summer day?"

The beaches and pools are our biggest competition. On sunny days, everyone is out on the beach, in the pools, walking the boardwalks, and enjoying the great outdoors!

What can you do to generate more business for your spa?
Go where the people are - The Pools!!



  • July 4 - Independence Day
  • July 10 - 13 - 2nd Annual Caribbean Spa Summit - Cancun Mexico

Grilled Fajita Chicken Skewers

  • 1 package Simply Organic Southwest Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip Mix
  • 2 teaspoons Organic Chili Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Ground Paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon Organic Onion Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Organic Cumin Seed Ground
  • 1/4 teaspoon Organic Garlic Powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 16-ounce package plain organic nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon Frontier Organic Corn Starch
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Frontier Organic Cane Sugar
  • 2 teaspoons liquid bouillon
  • 1 to 1-1/4 pound chicken (any cut), diced into 1-inch cubes
  • Wooden skewers that have soaked for 30 minutes in water

How to make this recipe

  1. Mix Simply Organic Southwest Ranch Greek Dip Mix with the 16-ounce package plain organic nonfat Greek yogurt. Chill for 30 minutes.
  2. Combine the dry ingredients in a small bowl.
  3. In a large bowl, add the cubed chicken and toss with the two packets of liquid bouillon (or organic vegetable oil).
  4. Add the dry ingredients to the chicken and toss until evenly coated.
  5. Thread the chicken onto the wooden skewers.
  6. Preheat your grill. Real wood charcoal tastes best, but gas works fine. Avoid instant-light briquettes as they make food taste like lighter fluid. Aim for medium-high heat - if your grill has a thermometer built into the lid, it should read about 375 degrees. Once hot, reduce the heat to medium (350 degrees) and place the skewers onto the grill grate.
  7. Grill the chicken, rotating the skewers after a few minutes. Continue to grill until the chicken is fully cooked, about 12 minutes.
  8. Place Simply Organic Southwest Ranch Greek Dip into a small serving bowl. Use as dipping sauce for the chicken skewers.

Alternate Method: Substitute 1 1-ounce package of Simply Organic Fajita Seasoning for all dry ingredients. Omit steps 2-4; coat chicken with two tablespoons of organic vegetable oil & toss with Fajita Seasoning until coated. Continue with steps 5-8.